Tuesday, December 18, 2018

DECA District Competition Results

Owen J. Roberts students participate in the DECA District Competition in King of Prussia yesterday.  There were 330 students in competition from public and private schools from Montgomery County and Northern Chester County.  Owen J. Roberts had a very strong showing with the following results:

1st Place
Linus Blatz, Automotive Services Marketing (plus high test and high role-play award)
Annie Arditi, Business Financial Services (plus high role-play award)
Theo Damiani, Business Services Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Sriya Jonnadula, Entrepreneurship (plus high test and high role-play award)
Lindsey Jennings, Hotel Lodging Management (plus high test and high role-play award)
Victoria Blancarte, Marketing Communications (plus high role-play award)
Mary Kate Duffy, Restaurant and Food Service Management (plus high role-play award)
Jackson Keating, Retail Merchandising (plus high role-play award)
Shavani Preveen and Ava Destefano, Entrepreneurship Team (plus high role-play award)
John Buckwalter and Peter Lynch, Sports and Entertainment Team (plus high role-play award)

2nd Place
Jared Folsom, Automotive Services Marketing
Sean Zubey, Business Financial Services
Blake Brennan, Food Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Eric Friedemann, Human Resource Management
Abbey Hannis, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

3rd Place
John Patrick Duffy, Business Financial Services
Chris Williams, Food Marketing
Alekya Srinivasan, Hotel Lodging Management
Jeevan Bandi, Marketing Communications
Ben Diamond, Restaurant and Food Service Management
Michael Giacoponello, Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Kendall Obara and Lauren McLaughlin, Business Law and Ethics Team
Jake Koster and Eric Scull, Financial Services Management Team
Emily Sabatino and Emma Muntzer, Marketing Management Team (plus high role-play award)
James Capece and Michael Kronengold, Travel and Tourism Team

4th Place
Nikita Chin, Apparel and Accessories Marketing (plus high role-play award)
Kira St. Clair, Entrepreneurship
Jack Murray, Retail Merchandising
Aidan Mancini and Dylan Murray, Hospitality Services Management Team
Raina Smolij and Kahlea Sachar, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team

5th Place
Akash Prabu, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

6th place
Thomas Damiani, Accounting Applications
Maddie Hill, Human Resource Management

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