Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Healthy Skills for a Healthy Life

Some students free-doodled, while others chose a color page

Journaling was favored by some students
At West Vincent Elementary School, the school nurse, Mrs. Kilfoy and the school guidance counselor, Mrs. Weber, have been working together to give students of every age in the school a set of tools they can use to manage emotions.

The pair has visited every classroom twice. In the first visit, students learned about feelings and emotions. They learned that some emotions are very strong and can cause our bodies to react in certain ways. Some students may feel anxiety in their tummy, or get a headache from other strong emotions. Students learn that it is OK to feel emotions. They also learn that when emotions are making them feel uncomfortable or feel physical symptoms, there are strategies they may choose to feel better.

Today, a fifth grade class practiced a few skills that have the potential to help manage stressors. The students rotated among 5 centers:
Senses Grounding

The skills may overlap, but students, through practice, were able to choose which activities helped them to feel peace and calming.

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