Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Students Create Lock-Down Devices


Chief Daniels looks at the process while students work on the production phase.
Owen J. Roberts High School students in Mr. Crowl's Advanced Engineering Design Class have developed a lock-down device which can be used to secure classrooms during an emergency. Students worked on several prototypes during the design phase. The Engineering Design class is now in the process of building the device for each room in the High School.
Students measure for production and installation
     The design, which takes advantage of the sturdy steel framed classroom doors, was designed and tested prior to assembly. The class is now in the assembly phase. 

      Police and Security Chief Brandon Daniels said that he receives countless phone calls from vendors who want to sell the district such a device. These student-made devices will make the high school safer and save the district money. Mr. Crowl hopes to publish the design plans to a magazine so that other schools can create similar devices.


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