Friday, February 8, 2019

Chief Speaks to Students about Public Sector Careers

Owen J. Roberts Chief of Security and Safety, Mr. Brandon Daniels, recently spoke to Mr. Mark DeFusco's Crime and Justice class at the High School. Chief Daniels spoke first hand about his experiences and various jobs. He has served over 24 years in law enforcement, including positions in uniformed patrol, investigations and undercover intelligence. 

Mr. Daniels shared a bit about his extensive training in a number of specialized areas relating to management and law enforcement. He brings to the district 15 years of supervisory and command level experience with additional specialized training in large-scale event planning and disaster and emergency response management. He worked as part of the Hurricane Sandy Relief, Eagles Super Bowl detail, 2015 Papal Visit, 2000 Republican Convention, 2016 Democratic Convention and numerous other details. He is a 2015 Graduate of the FBI National Academy (260th Session).

In addition, Chief Daniels shared a varied list of career paths that one might take if interested in the public sector including law enforcement, public safety, civil service, public service rescue, and protection of private property.

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