Thursday, February 7, 2019

Offer Feedback about District Safety/Security

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community,

As you know, the Owen J. Roberts School District is currently undergoing a comprehensive feasibility study.  As part of the safety and security aspect of the study, Vulnerability Solutions Group, LLC will be conducting risk and vulnerability assessments of all OJR school buildings and campuses throughout the district.

Vulnerability Solutions Group, LLC is seeking feedback/input from parents, employees, and community members about the safety and security of our school district. This input will be incorporated into assessment reports that will be presented to district administration and the school board. I encourage everyone who would like to express specific concerns about the safety of our schools or to offer suggestions for making our schools safer to email their comments to no later than February 19 at 11:59 p.m. Your comments and suggestions will go directly to Vulnerability Solutions Group and the identity of those submitting comments and suggestions will not be shared with the district. When responding, please include the name of the school building(s) for which your remarks are regarding. 

Any questions about the risk and vulnerability assessment or the feedback/input the company seeks can be directed to Brian Krause, Chief Security Officer of VSG, at

Thank you in advance for your consideration in providing valuable commentary as we continue to work to keep our students safe throughout the entire Owen J. Roberts School District.

Dr. Susan T. Lloyd
Superintendent of Schools

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