Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Owen J. Roberts Graduate Video: Behind the Scenes

Producer and Director - Gretchen Harken '19; Narration - Cooper Chamberlain '20; Videographers - Gretchen Harken '19, Gavin Brown '19, Lindsey LaFountain '19, Lucas Echikson '20, Jack Savant '20, Michael Bartman '22, Dan Vicario '19; Graphics - Lindsey Jennings '20; Editing - Gretchen Harken '19; Sound Engineer - Galen Kasznay '19. 

A focus this year, for everyone working in the Owen J. Roberts School District, has been the Owen J. Roberts Graduate.  School Board members and other stakeholders reflected to clearly define a profile for the Owen J. Roberts Graduate—a focus on outcomes. The Owen J. Roberts graduate profile specifies cognitive, personal, and interpersonal competencies that OJR graduates should demonstrate. As constant reminders, posters were created and displayed in our classrooms, schools, and offices as well as on the district website. Now, our website also features a video, The Owen J. Roberts Graduate, created by Senior Gretchen Harken with the 2018-2019 Video Production Club.

Mr. Brian Sponagle, along with Superintendent Dr. Susan Lloyd, provided the vision for a promo video that would help audiences connect with the experiences that help to shape a graduate. As a Teacher’s Assistant in Mr. Sponagle’s Advanced Film Production course, Gretchen Harken felt she was in a good position to tackle the video with support from the Video Production Club, which meets once per week after school. The video team worked to capture video clips to support the central idea, and Gretchen combed through archives from last year in order to demonstrate experiences a grad may have in the spring. “The team worked to include a broad spectrum of offerings and regular classroom experiences,” said Gretchen, adding that they also wanted to touch on the arts and sports. The video mirrors the graduate profile.

In addition to Gretchen's lead with production and direction, students pitched in talents in the area of voice-over and sound production.  Cooper Chamberlain, quarterback on the Wildcat Football Team, was cast for voice-over. Galen Kasznay, Paw Report anchor, contributed his expertise in sound production.

The team plans to make a few edits and submit the video to a student production contest. Gretchen said that whatever happens, she is most struck that the video “evokes emotion from viewers”. Creating an emotional piece was not the original intent, but when people talk about how viewing the video makes them feel, that makes Gretchen feel “really happy”.
Gretchen explains a little about the video process to the Board of School Directors at their regular meeting on 1/28/19

Special thanks to the 2018-19 Video Production Club and everyone who helped make this project a success!

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