Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Celebrating ALL Student Abilities

Spread the Word to End the Word Day is today!
This is a very special day of awareness for our OJR students with special needs.  The Owen J. Roberts High School and Middle School Best Buddies clubs are recognizing this day in order to end the use of the word “retarded”, as it is a very harmful word to many people with disabilities in our school, community, and nation.  This word is not utilized in our U.S. documents today and has been revised to reflect “intellectual disability” since 2010.  

Today, March 6th, we are supporting this change in our society and help with the acknowledgement that all of Owen J. Roberts students have the ABILITY to be a productive member of society and within their own community. Many students and staff are wearing a unique OJR Spread the Word t-shirt today! 

Take the pledge online:

Best Buddies at the High and Middle Schools have a banner to sign during lunches this week in the cafeteria so that students and staff may show their support.

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