Thursday, March 14, 2019

Student, Theo Damiani, Published in Concord Review

Owen J. Roberts High School student, Theodore (Theo) Damiani, a junior, spent his sophomore year in the Gifted Enrichment elective writing a research-based work on the mass execution of “The 38” Dakota Sioux in 1862. Theo’s work was published in the Spring 2019 issue of the Concord Review placing Owen J. Roberts High School’s name among some of the most prestigious and rigorous high schools, not only nationally, but internationally.  He delivered a bound copy of his work to his gifted teacher, Mr. Keith Morris, to celebrate the accomplishment. 

Theo, who is interested in history and research, first became aware of the Dakota War of 1862 when he learned about the Supreme Court case The United States v. Sioux Nation. He felt it was a topic that called for more attention and research. As he continued his study on the topic, he became interested in following protocols for academic research and decided to submit the final research paper to the Concord Review. The Concord Review, which is produced quarterly, only publishes about 5 percent of the submissions received and have published from about 35 countries.

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