Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic Foundation allows college students to volunteer at children's hospitals and social institutions to deliver creative programming.

Today, students in the ESY program at French Creek Elementary School, enjoyed a Princess Story Time given by Temple University students. Students listened intently to three stories including Peter Pan and the Lion King. There may have been a bit of pixie dust involved...clearly the students were captivated, had great questions and enjoyed far more than just "a moment of magic".

Check out the Foundation at

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Community Works for Safe Driving

Getting the basics before practicing parallel parking.
Safety for All the Goal of “On the Road” Driver Training

Summer is the perfect time for students to take "On the Road" Driver's Training. Thanks to community partners, Owen J. Roberts is able to use two vehicles to accomplish behind the wheel training for fledgling drivers.

Mr. Jason Owens, Owner of Patriot Buick Pontiac GMC has donated two vehicles for use in the On-the-Road Driver Training Program at Owen J. Roberts High School, which began in 2011 when Mr. Owens provided the first vehicle for the district to use.

This program, which benefits teens, families, and the entire community, is the result of two friends seeking an answer to a concern about the lack of access to school-based, hands-on driver’s training. Longtime friends—Mr. Jason Owens and retired Judge James DeAngelo—had discussed their belief that school-based, hands-on driver training would create safer drivers and a safer community. 

Partnering with District Judge John Hipple, Owens and DeAngelo worked to keep this program alive in 2018 and beyond. All parties feel strongly that driving is one of the most important life skills one can learn and that behind-the-wheel training can be vital to adopting habits that can help drivers avoid accidents. School officials and instructors have worked to support and develop the program.
Owen J. Roberts offers classroom driver education for students but school affiliated behind-the-wheel programs throughout the state were eliminated over the years due to cost concerns. Due to the generosity of community members and Patriot Buick Pontiac GMC, Owen J. Roberts continues a fee-based behind-the-wheel training, a natural extension of classroom education. The hands-on training is of no cost to taxpayers.

In early 2013, Owen J. Roberts was approved as a road testing site for students to complete PA licensing requirements and many students have earned their driver license at the completion of OJR Behind-the-Wheel. The program is an excellent example of community and school partners working toward safety for all.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fraud Alert

Perhaps you have noticed an uptick in "Phishy" email activity!

There are many scams circulating of which to be aware. Don't be snared into answering emails from friends, acquaintances, teachers or even Owen J. Roberts administrators asking for gift cards or requesting information--especially password or personal information. 
One way to reduce risk is to make sure to check the entire email address, not just the name in the email. 

A common scam is a phone call or email posing as a business or institution such as Apple or Microsoft. The email or call may try to convey that either your iCloud or email had been hacked or that the password has been compromised. You may be asked to download an app so to "fix" it. Never allow someone to take control of your computer. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft will never call you. Don't be fooled into sacrificing information or other resources.

Below is an example – they look real but please make sure you check the red areas on all emails that you get.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 2019 School Board Meeting Highlights

Keeping the Wolf at Bay

Can you build a structure strong enough to withstand the powerful huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf?
That is the problem campers in Fairy Tale STEM Camp tried to solve, engineering various types of solutions. These clever students aged 5-7, quickly learned how to reinforce structures to make them stronger. They experimented with many types of building materials quickly learning that the houses made of sticks were not very strong. They found that even chunky wooden blocks could be moved by the force of the "wind" from the Big Bad Wolf. Interlocking blocks were better at staying together, but the structure could often be moved--not an ideal scenario for our Three Little Pigs.
Collaborating on the design and build

Will the structure be stronger when built higher?

Experimenting with PlayDough as a reinforcement

Busy engineers
Applying best practice in engineering, students recorded and logged results.
Mrs. Gallo helps a student journal

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Works of Senior Artist Avae Busch

Recent graduate, Avae Busch, created nine paintings for a grouping as part of her AP Studio Art project. One of the pieces is featured in this month's Advocate community newsletter. The complete grouping is shown below:

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summer Hours Save Money

There are many programs happening in our schools during the summer, as well as very thorough cleaning and building maintenance.
However, as part of our energy conservation measures, Owen J. Roberts School District offices operate on modified business hours for the summer. The modification results in an estimated savings of about $55,000 over the summer and helps reduce our carbon footprint.
School and district offices are open for extended hours Monday through Thursday closing on Fridays for six weeks in the summer.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Digital Notebook: Daniel Kucharik Wins Shandy Hill Essay Award

Evan Brandt's blog article about OJR grad Daniel Kucharik winning the Shandy Hill Essay Award:

Digital Notebook: Daniel Kucharik Wins Shandy Hill Essay Award: Submitted Photos From left, Greater Pottstown Foundation board members Robert  Morgan , board president Paul Prince, Alan Altchul and Pa...

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fun Baking, Frosting, and Decorating!

The Owen J. Roberts School District hosts a variety of enrichment opportunities open to all students within the community each summer.  From fishing, baking, crafts, sports, computer coding, and STEAM challenges to serious academics, there are plenty of exciting activities from which to choose! 

In today's baking camp, students made pie crust from scratch, then created fresh fruit tartlets. They also had tons of fun baking, frosting and decorating cupcakes.