Thursday, January 9, 2020

Guard the Cookie Jar

Guard the Cookie Jar was just one of the games that Dr. Hinson (also known as Doctor Recess) taught the students at French Creek Elementary School on January 7, 2020. Dr. Recess has provided programming to all five Owen J. Roberts Elementary Schools, often sponsored by parent organizations. The recent program at French Creek Elementary was funded through a generous grant by the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.

Students took what they learned in the assembly and played the games at recess

Students are able to collaborate and have fun with simple games
“The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program is an on-site assembly and games program that promotes the importance of being active and living a healthy life by using developmentally appropriate games to teach social/emotional skills, thinking skills, and motor skills to elementary school children. It was created by award-winning teacher and author, Curt Hinson, Ph.D., as part of the Trouble-free Playground program. Dr. Hinson’s Trouble-free Playground program is currently being implemented at schools in all 50 states. The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program allows schools to improve the health and fitness levels of children by teaching them appropriate games and activities to play during recess.

Curt Hinson, Ph.D., has been teaching for over 32 years. He is the author of three books, Fitness for Children; Games Kids Should Play at Recess; and 6-Steps to a Trouble-free Playground. In addition, he has published over 50 articles related to teaching.”

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