Friday, January 31, 2020

State Officials Offer Letters and Citations Honoring WVES

Today, January 31, 2020, Mr. Ed Smith, West Vincent Elementary Principal, and Dr. Susan Lloyd, Owen J. Roberts Superintendent, welcomed all WV students, staff and distinguished guests to a celebration of West Vincent Elementary School's distinction as a 2019-2020 Blue Ribbon School. Many honored guests were in attendance:

Government Officials
1.      Amber Little Turner (Representative for U.S. Senator Pat Toomey)
2.      Danielle Friel Otten- House of Representative (will present citation)
3.      Katie Muth- State Senate (will present citation)
a.       Nikki Whitlock (Director of Community Outreach)
4.      Tim Hennessey- PA State Representative- Legislative 

School Board Members
1.      Larry Feinberg (PA School Board Assoc. Regional Advocacy Ambassador)
2.      Leslie Proffitt
3.      John Diehl
4.      Jennifer Munson
5.      Karel Minor
6.      Melissa Booth
7.      John Melniczek

OJR Personnel
1.      Dr. Susan Lloyd
2.      Dr. Kathy Soeder
3.      Dr. Richard Marchini
4.      Jo-An Rechtin
5.      Ken Swart (Former EC principal and blue ribbon recipient)
6.      Cindy Hutcheson (OJR ED Foundation)

CCIU Personnel
1.      Dr. Jacalyn Auris- CCIU Student Services Director

Former WV Faculty
1.      Barbara Guy - Note to WV
2.      Diane Banks
3.      Julie Bragg
4.      Jyl Harrington
5.      Elaine Kindl
6.      Kim Gery

All students took part in the ceremony and video about the school.

Three 6th-Graders describe “What makes West Vincent a special place to learn”
1.      Riley Serfass
2.      Emory Harmanos
3.      Gus Smith
Thank you to previous WVES staff! We miss you!

Senator Toomey sent remarks delivered by Amber Little Turner
"Guess who my boss is? You!", said Rep. Danielle Friel Otten

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