Thursday, May 24, 2018

Youth Philanthropy

Students load a cart of pet supplies to donate to Animal House Project, an organization who assists pet owners experiencing financial crisis so they are able to keep their pet. The organization serves veterans and others in financial need.
A group of twelve Middle School students who called themselves Wildcats4Change spent the academic year researching community organizations and setting goals for how the students might impact the community by supporting those organizations.

The Youth & Philanthropy program, which is sponsored by the Phoenixville Health Foundation, was designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about philanthropy, giving of one’s self to address the neediness of others, and to learn about it first hand.

The program has been recognized  as a regional award winner:

    2005 the Youth & Philanthropy Program received the Chester County Community Foundation’s ACORN AWARD for youth in philanthropy.
    In 2009 the Program received the Association of Fundraising Professionals Philadelphia Chapter’s Youth in Philanthropy Award.

Youth and Philanthropy students learn about philanthropy, leadership, assessment and decision-making skills, as well as working as a team.

The Students recognized and supported 5 local community organizations:

ARC of Chester County
Spring-Ford Counseling Services
Canine Partners for Life
Animal House Project
Montgomery County Community Services

Throughout the year, students visited these organizations, conducted meetings and explored ways to help. When learning about how the Montgomery County Emergency Services provide interventions for crisis such as suicide, students took an active role in advertising the hotline and displaying signs to raise awareness for the prevention hotline. They also learned that the Animal House Project serves 1689 families each month assisting pet owners with supplies through a pet food pantry. Students used funds provided by the Phoenixville Health Foundation to purchase food and pet supplies for the pantry.

Club members were Juan Boria, Natalie Nichols, Taryn Defusco, Nike Skains, Max Garner, Jordan Thomas, Seth Griste, Cole Torak, ANdrew LaGreca, Ayden VanSinderen, Trevor Maranhao and Izzie Geist.

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